Training Videos

Last year we began a journey to take what we have in our ministry manuals and create videos to help train our next generation of host cities to present “He’s Alive!” With another season stymied in spring of 2021 due to the continuing COVID-19 restrictions, our video production plans were put on pause as well.

Before you can take the stage, you have to find one. So to help our new host communities select their venue, we walked through the process and pointed out some of the unique considerations to take into account when choosing a place to host the Passion Play.

With a new season of production on the horizon we are looking forward to taking our cameras behind the scenes to help train our new friends in Iligan City, Philippines and beyond.

Here is the list of videos that we will be gathering footage for and producing as we head into the 2022 season:

  1. How to select a board
  2. How to hold a meeting
  3. Ministry checklist and filling out leadership team
  4. Scheduling the season
  5. Looking for a venue
  6. Planning a set for that venue
  7. Props overview
  8. Crosses and cross base construction
  9. How to put a cross up
  10. Casting the play
  11. Goals for each block
  12. Behind the characters: who’s sandals are you stepping into?
  13. How to run a rehearsal
  14. How to do a partial and full run through
  15. How to run a dress rehearsal
  16. How to run a technical rehearsal
  17. Costumes overview
  18. Disciple costumes
  19. Crowd Costumes
  20. Sanhedrin Costumes
  21. Roman Costumes
  22. Front of house
  23. Getting the word out
  24. Altar call and response team
  25. Special effects makeup
  26. Lighting scene by scene
  27. Props scene by scene
  28. Micing the show
  29. Back stage and scene changes
  30. Director notes: who is on stage and how to make transitions
  31. Fog machines and you
  32. Pre-show and sponsors