Minya, Egypt

During Holy week, 2018 we were pleased to have a friend with us from out of town. Way out of town in fact: Minya Egypt!

Victor Habib, was making the rounds between our Denver and Four Corners presentations of the Passion Play He’s Alive. He was taking a look under the hood and behind the scenes in preparation for training a team in his hometown. While visiting the States we signed an agreement to produce the ministry in  Minya.  

Following his visit to the US Victor went home and assembled an outstanding team that went on to stage our very first Arabic presentation of He’s Alive the Passion Play in October of 2019. More than 1,000 people attended this outdoor event. We were blessed to be there and witness this presentation. In the midst of great opposition there are also so many great opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ in this part of the world.