Imagine Yourself Stepping into this Story


For more than twenty years Focus on the Family has produced a beloved radio series known as “Adventures in Odyssey” I remember picking up our son, Tyler from school, listening to the program and holding the steering wheel just a little tighter as the kids in the program found
themselves in precarious situations. Often the programs drama was built around the characters journeying back in time through a George Avery
Whitaker invention known as the imagination station. It was amazing how involved I became in listening to this program on a daily basis.

Such is the case with our cast and crew for the Passion Play on an annual basis. Becoming a part of the cast allows us to live out the story
that is at the very center of our faith. When you look closely at the photographs on this site I believe it’s important to point out that
very few of the individuals who take part in this presentation come to us with an extensive background in acting. As a matter of fact all of
the actors who take part in this ministry annually are volunteers.

The expressions on each face are not manufactured they are the result of coming closer to the story than they’ve ever been before. Imagine yourself sitting at the last supper table with Jesus as he begins to break the bread or standing so close to the cross you can actually touch it. Imagine being there as Jesus makes his way into Jerusalem or finding the stone rolled away from His tomb and coming face to face with your risen savior.

These are the kinds of experiences we have witnessed now for more than 28 years and the opportunities to get involved continue to expand. It doesn’t matter what your gifts and talents might be, we have room for you in this ministry. On the stage, behind the scenes, in front of a keyboard or sitting next to the Cello we invite you to become part of a ministry that’s making a lasting impact in the lives of thousands annually.

Perhaps you’re interested in bringing the ministry of the Passion Play to your community. Who is more qualified to get the process started than you? If you share our vision for building up the body of Christ and reaching the lost with the greatest message of hope the world has ever know you can get started today by checking out the rest of our website.

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