He’s Alive! 2020

Long before we all became armchair virologists and the words “social distancing” became a topic of conversation, groups of people around the world were preparing to share the story of the cross and the empty tomb with their neighbors in time for Easter.

This pandemic has drastically changed or canceled plans for all of us. As we approached Holy Week, unable to take the stage for the first time since 1985, we wanted to do something to share the hope that we have found time and again as we have come together to share this story. 

In each of our host cities we perform the same play. This presentation contains footage from five cities on three continents: Barquisimeto, Venezuela; Cape Town, South Africa; Denver, Colorado; Four Corners, New Mexico; and Tegucigalpa, Honduras. It doesn’t matter if we are six feet or six thousand miles apart, the language may change but the heart and the message stay the same.

Our hope does not come from governments or talking heads. It does not come from social media or in a bottle of hand sanitizer. Unlike the ever evolving response to this crisis, the source of our hope doesn’t change, because our hope is found in Jesus. 

At this moment, we are living in a world in search of hope. Lives have been lost, jobs have gone away, businesses have been shuttered. At the end of scene eleven, Peter has a line that says “I just wish things could be the way they used to be.” God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Just like the scene that follows Peter’s somber line, brighter days are ahead.

Share this story with a friend who could use some good news and hope this week. 

On behalf of our cast and crew members the world over, Happy Easter.