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Cape Town, South Africa October 8th - 11th at Artscape

We plan to celebrate our 30th year by looking forward. Continue reading.

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Our Musical Dream

For 29 years, the music in the Passion Play "He's Alive" has been very important. Nine powerful and beautiful songs make this play a wonderful instrument to reach many lives around the world. Of course, after all these years, it naturally becomes necessary to refresh the musical arrangements of the songs in order to remain relavent.

The Shiloh Connection

It had been quite the 48 hours. After a mixup with the airlines had nearly stranded two of our traveling companions, and a hop across the pond, seeing the front door of our friend's house in Melkbosstrand, South Africa was quite a relief.

Imagine Yourself Stepping into this Story

For more than twenty years Focus on the Family has produced a beloved radio series known as “Adventures in Odyssey” I remember picking up our son, Tyler from school, listening to the program and holding the steering wheel just a little tighter as the kids in the program found themselves in precarious situations. Often the programs drama was built around the characters journeying back in time through a George Avery Whitaker invention known as the imagination station. It was amazing how involved I became in listening to this program on a daily basis.

Such is the case with our cast and crew for the Passion Play on an annual basis. Becoming a part of the cast allows us to live out the story that is at the very center of our faith. When you look closely at the photographs on this site I believe it’s important to point out that very few of the individuals who take part in this presentation come to us with an extensive background in acting. As a matter of fact all of the actors who take part in this ministry annually are volunteers.

The expressions on each face are not manufactured they are the result of coming closer to the story than...

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