Celebrate Easter with us

We are celebrating our 31st year of ministry since we first began in Denver, CO and we are pleased to announce that 11 host communities currently in production. Presentations that will be staged throughout the Easter season will take place in India, South Africa, Central America, Mexico and the United States.

Highlighting the 2016 season is a new team working to present the play in Cairo, Egypt and Catacamas, Honduras. Come and celebrate the greatest message of hope the world has ever known “He’s Alive!”

Summer 2015 Ministry Update

From Central America to, India and more recently - Egypt there has been a lot happening with PPMI this year, click here to get caught up.

Passion Radio in your pocket

On your compuer or iOS device, simply point your web browser to listen.passionradio.org or on Android, go here to install the app.

Be sure to tune in live every weekday at 12pm MST to hear to Stan and Linda Burgett on The Cross Connection.

PassioNext is coming to Cape Town

Be sure not to miss the PassioNext presention with actors from around the globe in Cape Town, South Africa October 8th - 11th at Artscape.

We plan to celebrate our 30th year by looking forward. Continue reading.

Come with us

Like us on Facebook, and come along with us as we take the greatest story ever told from the Four Corners of the United States to the four corners of the world!

We need your help

If you would like to become a part of the team that helps to facilitate our PassioNext presentations, we would love your help. Click here to volunteer.

Our Musical Dream

For 29 years, the music in the Passion Play "He's Alive" has been very important. Nine powerful and beautiful songs make this play a wonderful instrument to reach many lives around the world. Of course, after all these years, it naturally becomes necessary to refresh the musical arrangements of the songs in order to remain relavent.

The Shiloh Connection

It had been quite the 48 hours. After a mixup with the airlines had nearly stranded two of our traveling companions, and a hop across the pond, seeing the front door of our friend's house in Melkbosstrand, South Africa was quite a relief.

Tell us your story

Everywhere we go, we hear stories from cast members, and attendees alike of how this ministry has impacted their lives. Help us share these stories by telling us yours.